We start this autumn with our monthly My inspirational Book event. Our guest is Simona Baciu, an international educator, a visionary and the recipient of the Lifetime Award from British International Schools. She is part of several international and national elite organisations, author, and speaker at numerous renowned conferences. 
After 25 years of establishing and growing Transylvania College into a thriving school and thanks to her successful professional life, our guest turned her expertise into co-authoring a book dedicated to teachers, but not only – ”The Teacher Within”.
Read more about the book from the author:

“We live in a world of constant change, in a society where the individual becomes more and more isolated, overwhelmed, and stressed. The human connection is often diminished or neglected and we tend to forget to build authentic social relations – the main support for a human to thrive and experience well-being.
The Teacher Within is a journey that challenges you to look within and find who you are. We believe that in each of us there is a teacher within and that is why this book is a book for everyone! The message is universally human and this book offers a pathway for personal and professional growth.
The Teacher Within offers a series of mindfulness techniques to help you get in touch with your emotions and to connect authentically and warmly with one another. This contributes to individual well-being, healthy relationships, and positive working culture.
To have a long-lasting impact at work, employees themselves need to feel fulfilled and happy. An emotionally rounded person makes a strong positive impact on his family, friends and colleagues. Simona Baciu and Susan Shapiro invite readers to find their vision, core values and discover the spark that keeps their calling alive.”