Love Light Romania is a Romanian registered NGO that has been active since 2001. We are dedicated to serving marginalized groups in Romania, in the fields of HIV, institutionalization and breaking cycles of poverty. Empowering communities who would otherwise not have access to a healthy life, education or employment.

We have a residential centre for people who have disabilities and who were brought up in state institutions. We offer our residents a family like environment and we teach them all the necessary life skills need to live an independent and happy life.

We have seen that the best way to break the cycle of poverty is through children, and helping them to get an education. Most children who live in poverty are at high risk of abandoning school. We have an after-school centre, we offer free transport to and from school and we offer clothes and schooling materials to the children on our project.

Our HIV support program is aimed at helping HIV sufferers to get regular check-ups, medicines and receive emotional support. If a person with HIV has the correct medicines then they can get to a point where they can not pass HIV onto others.