FMCG – Tobacco Industry

With more than 100 years heritage of tobacco manufacturing, British American Tobacco – the producer of Dunhill, Vogue, Kent, Pall Mall and Viceroy brands – is the world’s most international tobacco group and the leader in the Romanian cigarette market.
Since our first day in 1997, all initiatives at British American TRomania have been driven by a commitment to become the most accepted and preferred company for our stakeholders – consumers and business partners, as well as authorities and communities in which the company operates.
The company’s vision in Romania, which is one of the fastest developing markets, was to achieve leadership in both quantitative and qualitative senses. Quantitatively, being consumer driven, we seek market leadership in volume and value. Qualitatively, we take a long term view and focus on the quality of our business and sustainable development.

With this vision, the company has had many outstanding achievements. Just three years after entering the Romanian cigarette market, British American Tobacco Romania became No 1. Now, in 2008, we continue to lead the market, both in volume and value share. (source: Nielsen Romania).
British American Tobacco Romania has invested more than EUR 140 million to become a vertically integrated business that combines primary and secondary tobacco processing, warehouses, sales and marketing, to cover both domestic demand and export requirements for filters and cigarettes.
Over the years, the high level of service provided by our Trade Marketing & Distribution has been acknowledged through independent research. In 1999, 2002 and 2005, British American Tobacco Romania has been Trade Marketing and Distribution benchmark supplier across the FMCG sector. Since July 2006 Kent has been the best selling brand in Romania (source: Nielsen Romania).

British American Tobacco Romania has received numerous awards: the best company within its business category, the most valuable company in terms of value added in the Romanian economy, the most secure company in terms of financial performance, Larex recognition for excellence in product quality, and acknowledgement for social involvement and volunteering activities.

British American Tobacco Romania contributed funds and expertise to the cultural activities held for Sibiu’s year as the European City of Culture in 2007. The “Colours of Avant-garde” programme covered many aspects of the first 40 years of modern art of the XX century. Following the Sibiu events, we sponsored the exhibition to tour Bucharest, Constanta, Timisoara and Oradea.
At the end of the day, British American Tobacco Romania strives to be “No.1 for Everyone!” by developing a sustainable business supported by our strong and differentiated Brands, the professionalism and dedication of our People as well as Quality obtained with the maximum of efficiency.