Our event “Climate needs action – webinar on low carbon transport and cities” is coming up and you are kindly invited to participate:

3- 4 September 2020, Friday, free online event
3 Sept (day 1), 9:00 – 13:30h UK time (11:00 – 15:30h in Romania and Bulgaria)
4 Sept (day 2), 9:00 – 16:30h UK time (11:00 – 18:30h In Romania and Bulgaria)


Climate Change is now affecting every country on every continent. People are experiencing significant impacts which include changing weather patterns, rising sea level and more extreme weather events. Climate Change is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and regions.

Acting today for tomorrow is an essential policy, to trigger affordable, scalable solutions which are available to cleaner, more resilient economies. Considering decarbonising transport, a sector which is at the heart of the economic growth and globalisation, will provide answers to existing knowledge, gaps and barriers to implement or scale up several identified solutions. Assessing low carbon transport in cities will gather best practices that may be transferrable to other places and will contribute to building up a portfolio of best practice examples that contribute to a low carbon economy, providing answers to this global challenge.


The webinar will bring together stakeholders from three countries: UK, Romania and Bulgaria. They represent policy makers, business, researchers and academic experts to discuss how to move to cleaner economic growth through low carbon innovations and technologies in cities and transport, while considering efficient use of resources.

The event aims at driving local policy-makers, industry and scientists to increase their ambition around climate change improved solutions. It will demonstrate the UK leadership in taking action to protect, sustainably manage, and restore the environment. The journey towards carbon neutral smart cities will tackle systems efficiency by explaining how to avoid or reduce the need to travel, as well as how to achieve a sustainable trip by shifting to more environmentally friendly transport modes. Vehicle performance will be illustrated through presenting innovations in energy efficiency of transport modes and vehicle technology.

The webinar will be part of a series of events, whose objective is to develop a network of experts in the Eastern Balkans region, which will work with UK partners to identify answers and implement jointly the most efficient solutions to climate change adaptation and mitigation. Green recovery will be also considered as part of the current concerns.

1. Transition to low/zero carbon transport: strategies, research & innovation.
2. Transport & energy: what are the most efficient solutions and how can they be implemented.
3. Carbon neutral smart cities: avoid; shift; reduce.
4. Low carbon innovations and technologies in urban transport.
5. Low carbon integrated mobility in smart cities (airport/port cities; urban vs/& rural mobility).


UK leadership in the development, manufacture and use of low carbon technologies will be showcased. The webinar will maximise the advantages for the UK industry and science as the event will open doors for a regional cooperation. Existing concepts of sustainable mobility transferrable in the Eastern Balkans region will be underlined and further explored in a series of follow-up events shaped on the basis of identified priorities in R&I for partnerships. The most important outcome of this event is setting up clusters and teams to work together on different opportunities, including proposals linked to decarbonising transport and cities, as well as the European Green Deal (EGD) call.


UK Science & Innovation Network (SIN) in Romania and Bulgaria
Connected Places Catapult – the Associates Programme
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The event will be in English and no translation will be provided.

All interested can register here. The event takes place on two consecutive days (3 and 4 September) and you can register at the bottom of the page for both of them if you wish. The webinar will take place over Cisco Webex Events – you can download and install the desktop software Webex download section (Meetings) to ensure the best possible results. You will receive 2 email reminders in the week of the event. Detailed joining information for participants will be available after you register (please also send me a short email that you will participate).

You can also find the agenda of the event here and the speakers bio here.