Event Aims and Outcomes

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The webinar will present several examples of successful low carbon innovations linked to integrated mobility in smart cities and associated connectivity to airports and ports from the UK, Romania and Bulgaria. Large stakeholder representation is expected, involving policy makers, local authorities, researchers, academia, businesses, SMEs, local communities, NGOs, etc, all working towards the ambitious agenda on decarbonising smart cities and mobility. Focus will be given to local based solutions on renewable energy sources to decarbonise cities and mobility.

The event will bring together experts from the three countries to discuss the challenges they face in transforming cities into productive, safe and low emission places to live. The intention is to have a lively debate informed by UK leadership in the move to smarter and greener cities designed to improve the quality of life of residents through enhancing the efficiency of transport, energy provision and healthcare through innovations. It will also showcase innovations and opportunities in East Europe.

This is part of a series of events, the aim of which is to develop a network of experts in the Eastern Balkans region to work with UK partners in jointly identifying and implementing the most efficient solutions to climate change adaptation and mitigation. One outcome is to identify the best case-studies from Romania and Bulgaria which may turn into a joint side event at COP26 in Glasgow, including partners from the UK.

The event will be in English and no translation will be provided.

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