📢 Organizations today operate in an environment of rapid, continuous change. Significant internal changes include reorganizations, retirements, and hiring; external changes include shifts in the marketplace, evolving expectations of clients, and innovation. Leading a changing organization is a demanding, time-consuming responsibility.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has accelerated a process that was long overdue for many organizations and now we all need to face the reality that change is no longer an option.
In this Live Online workshop we will examine the challenges of change leadership and the mistakes that often result. We will incorporate principles for leading organizational change, leading individuals during times of change, and managing our own reactions to change. Out of this discussion, you will create a draft of a change leadership plan. By creating and following through on this plan, you can take a more organized approach to leading organizational change.

Participants will be able to:
•Avoid the most common change leadership mistakes.
•Recognize the elements of and apply a model for change
•Define the type of changes currently occurring in the
•Identify ways to lead others and manage ourselves during organizational change.

Primary Competency Categories:
•Change Management

Related Competency Categories:
•Creative Thinking
•Management Controls

💬Speaker : Andrei Popescu, Carnegie Master at Dale Carnegie

📣Language: English

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