Invitation to the Annual Tax Conference EY Romania | 20 January 2022

Date:20/01/2022 9:00 am

Dear Madam / Sir,

We invite you to join us at the online Annual Tax Conference to discuss Opportunity, Curiosity, Perseverance and Technology in 2022.

We started 2021 confident that we had a year full of promise ahead of us – stimulating, even acyclic tax policies, economic growth, tax predictability. It was to be a year of recovery and revival. What has really happened? Economic growth was based on debt – consumption and loans, high inflation, public budget revenues from taxes and social security contributions (27.2% of GDP) decreased, which made us rank among the last in the European Union. Transparency has been strengthened (DAC 6 reporting) and the implementation of a new reporting system – Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) – has started, which, although in the long run it will bring simplification, will involve increased workforce or technology-related cost for companies  in the short term.

Please join us on Thursday, January 20, 2022, starting 09.00 am, at the Annual Tax Conference, to find out what the year 2022 will be like and the impact of the tax and legislative changes discussed at the end of 2021, which will apply in 2022.

More information on the online event’s agenda, speakers and registration details is available by clicking the link below. The official language of our Annual Tax Conference is Romanian and for more organizational information, please contact: Mădălina Coman (madalina.coman@ro.ey.com) and Lucia Preda (lucia.preda@ro.ey.com).

Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

EY Romania team

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Opportunity. Curiosity. Perseverance. Technology.