INAQ Consulting: We’re excited to introduce our dedicated course on IFS ESG Check, a cutting-edge tool designed to assist companies in achieving certification or recertification according to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) standards. Whether you’re gearing up for your initial certification or undergoing recertification, this course equips you with all the necessary knowledge to comprehend and implement the new requirements of the standard.

Why is this course essential? ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is paramount for any company striving to operate sustainably and responsibly. Yet, integrating ESG principles can be intricate and demands a profound understanding of the requirements and their practical application within your organization.

Our course presents you with the opportunity to learn directly from industry experts and acquire the expertise and tools required to navigate the certification or recertification process successfully under the IFS ESG Check standard. Tailored for companies of all sizes and industries, this course caters to anyone interested in aligning their operations with ESG principles and contributing to a more sustainable future!