Ever wondered why sometimes it feels like you keep ending up in the same place? That no matter what you do, you see the same results?
There’s an explanation for that: you don’t know what you don’t know – your blind spots.
Join the ‘How to spot your blind spots’ webinar for students on 26 October, from 18.00, to discover how your own patterns influence your life, gain an outside perspective and explore ways to change your behaviour for the better – tools that can help you succeed in your studies and in life.
You will also discover how the new undergaduate programmes delivered by the Bucharest International School of Management (BISM) in partnership with Abertay University can help you tap into your potential and support your personal and professional growth through 𝗮 UK degree in Romania.
The discussion will be hosted by Radu Atanasiu, Lecturer of Critical Thinking and Associate Dean at BISM.
About the speakers
Radu Atanasiu teaches for the Executive MBA, the Fast Track Management Program, and the Entrepreneurship Academy at BISM.
He has taught the first ever MOOC made in Eastern Europe, Critical Thinking – Reason and Fair Play in Communication (2014-2015), for an international audience of tens of thousands.
He holds and MBA from CEU Business School, and his interest in decision making has led him to pursue a PhD in Business at ABRI/VU Amsterdam on the topic of managerial heuristics. He currently manages his real estate businesses and is actively involved as angel investor in several promising start-ups like 2Performant, SmartDreamers, and Evertoys, while also holding Critical Thinking workshops for companies.