When we start a conversation on AI with our clients they are intrigued by the power and capacities of artificial intelligence but there are challenges when it comes to the black-box nature of algorithms and what that means for their expected solution. So it’s important to maintain a close relationship with them and be transparent about AI, its ongoing use, and the ways they can apply it to their company.

So based on our experience in the field, here are 4 key takeaways when it comes to AI:

  • AI is still unable to devise sophisticated maneuverings
  • Implementing Artificial Intelligence in your business or processes will not cost a fortune
  • AI can make the right decisions based on appropriate data
  • AI has developed remarkably in the past couple of years

To sum things up, AI is rapidly growing and in the coming years, we will see an increase in its implementation. Getting AI at this initial stage can set your company up for a better future so if your business ticks these boxes (and mind you, this is not as simple as it seems), you certainly have an excellent chance to benefit by investing in AI.

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