The BRCC invites you to our one-hour Zoom webinar, in which you will learn how to communicate in a productive and dynamic way with your team from miles apart.

Maybe we already began to feel like “the new normal” for that the majority of us working and engaging in remote work, remote teams, remote management and remote leadership – how is it for you so far? We still have issues to point out and learn, not only to understand and adjust to the transitions but to thrive as individuals, as teams, as successful working systems, at least at the levels that we used to do, if not more.

Some of the turning points that we will pin in our meeting are:

*What should be the key points of your COMMUNICATION STRATEGY when leading remotely?

*What actually NEEDS to be foster when managing remotely?

* What is the right MINDSET of a manager leading a remote team?

*How can you manage remote ACCOUNTABILITY in your team?


*What is the biggest MISTAKE that you must avoid when managing a (remote) team?

*I will be happy to support you with my professional help if you have a situation that regards the topic – let’s meet during the webinar


Join this webinar and learn not only how to communicate efficiently with a remote team but how can your management style and leadership presence support your balanced growth and team’s performance.



Oana Niculae – Leadership & Executive Certified Coach, Professional Certified Coach by ICF, Country Leader Points of You Romania