When in Sept. 2018 Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, Airbnb was about to transition from an air mattress to a billion-dollar company. Back then, a crisis for some meant a huge opportunity for others. In 2020 in the context of a global pandemic, Airbnb is calling for a lay off for nearly 25% of its employees, while UberEats shuts down operations in 8 countries.

In the context of a crisis generated by a global pandemic, companies are forced to adjust fast and rethink the way they operate. Take the case of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, who announced a major organizational culture change: a fully remote policy meaning employees can remain working from home forever. Businesses are now on the lookout for new ways of digitally connecting to users. But when approached differently, a crisis can only become an opportunity for a fresh vision, a new direction.

But how can low-code help companies pass a crisis before they’re able to spot the opportunities?

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