Hays, the leading recruiting expert, has launched a free online training portal designed to help employers and teams grow the skills they need to function effectively and thrive in the face of Covid-19.

Available to businesses of all sizes, Hays Learning offers three course areas covering remote working, wellbeing and health and safety. The remote working courses are designed to help improve worker efficiency when remote working and assist with planning their working days and working with a remote team.

The courses are designed to be completed as part of a busy schedule, with a learning management system included to help employers assign training, track team completions and create personalised training programmes. Key benefits & features

  • Access anywhere – fully online courses available to complete wherever your team is working
  • Training where it’s needed most – our Learning Management System helps you assign training, track your team’s completions and create your own training programmes
  • Engaging content – training comprises of videos, quizzes and assessments – frequently updated for relevance
    Sign your team up today for our free training packages, and assign training to help them perfect their home-working practices, prioritise their wellbeing and learn vital health and safety tips around covid-19

You can have a look on the portal: https://hayslearning.eu/