Sunday 24th November 2019, Capital Plaza Hotel Bucharest

Global Woman Bucharest Empowerment in Business Event

This full day conference event is to celebrate the first year anniversary of Global Woman Club Bucharest with the regional director Alexandra Badita. The keynote speaker will be Mirela Sula, founder and CEO of Global Woman.

The Global Woman Empowerment in Business event will inspire, encourage and empower you to achieve greater wealth, health and success, regardless of your background or age, and to take action and take charge of your life.

The speakers at this event are all entrepreneurs and leaders, who are passionate about their area of expertise and are happy to share quality tips and techniques for your growth and empowerment.

Global Woman Club is the biggest network for women in Europe, a fast growing community of like-minded women, connecting and building great collaborations, with up to 27 clubs all over the world.

Global Woman Club Bucharest was launched in November 2018 and has been growing ever since. Romania was represented for the first time at the Global Woman Summit in London in 2019 and won the Global Woman Leadership Award.Discount code 15%