From East to West, from ancient knowledge to modern scientific proved therapy, mindfulness, a practice that once was only for Hindu monks and Zen templars, became a necessity, a modern man hack to increase the quality of life and to enjoy it with bliss and happiness. In this Webinar we will discuss how stress is affecting us, how it can be decreased, accepted and used in our favor throw mindfulness practice. How to ask question that put us back into the present moment, how to appreciate the small pleasure of everyday life, how to be more aware, more balanced, and less judgmental.

A man who suffers before it is necessary suffers more than necessary -Seneca. We spend most of the time thinking about the past or the future, wandering around, thinking about perfection and ideal situation but what about the present moment, what about who we are today, in this moment and the beautiful things around us, that we are really proud of and brings us joy and peacefulness.

Reasons to attend:

  • We do not have Power Point Presentation!!!
  • Practical guided discussion, wellness recipes to improve the wellbeing and the wellness activity.
  • Learn how to understand stress and emotional related stress reactions.
  • As thoughts and emotions repeat, they create deep neural pathways which create our belief system and our behavior, find out what is habitus, how you can change it and how it influences our identity.
  • No flying carpets, no levitation, no mysterious wonder secret, just facts, science and experience through practice.
  • Become a little bit better, no matter if you agree or disagree, you still evolve and make your own opinion, understanding, stronger.
  • We have cookies

Mental Wellness

  1. What is mindfulness – description, where it comes, how it was done and why, how the globalization made mindfulness adapt and evolve. 10 – 15 minutes.
  2. Why we need it – scientific proof, prevention, happiness and meaning, modern man necessity and the use for increased quality of life. 20 – 25 minutes
  3. How it can be used – Habitus, Gratefulness, Humbleness and Patience. 20 – 30 minutes
  4. Tools for practice, learning and evolving in mindfulness – Books, Apps, Wellness and Wellbeing recipes. 10 minutes.
  5. Q&A – it will be great to have some challenging questions – 10 minutes

Cîrîc Cosmin – Nicolae

Cosmin is the Wellness Manager at Therme, where his knowledge in aromatherapy, homeopathy and kinesiology are put to good use, towards aiding our clients to take care of their health through prevention. His passion for herbalism, fitness and other alternative therapies is yielded to create the holistic wellbeing rituals our clients experience every day at Therme.

Prior to joining Therme Bucharest, Cosmin worked as a therapist for muscle and joint injuries in hospitals as well as being the Spa Manager on cruise ships, commandeering a team of therapists, cosmeticians, personal trainers and supplement sales agents.

Cosmin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinetic-therapy and Special Motor Skills and is currently attending a Master of Arts in Intercultural Management

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