I know what you’re thinking. “If only I could head to the pub this week for a good old fun pub quiz!”

At Youth Cancer Europe we love social events as much as the next person, and as much as Covid-19 is taking that away from us at the minute, to quote a famous TV show, “we have the technology”.

So this Thursday Youth Cancer Europe in partnership with Little People Romania will be hosting its first ever Online Charity Quiz.

What is that you ask? Well, it’s basically the same as a pub quiz or those online trivia things many of you are already familiar with thanks to social media platforms, but way cooler.

The participants are Youth Cancer Europe members, friends, supporters, and our mates from Little People, so you’ll get the chance to hang out (virtually) with some familiar faces 🙂 plus you’ll be helping to raise money for a great cause and be in the chance to win a prize in the meantime!

Please join us! Head over to the event page here – entries are via a minimum donation of €5 (or as much as you like) and you’re encouraged to invite friends to join along with you:


See you on Thursday!