Last week the UK left the EU, this week a Romanian based NGO – Youth Cancer Europe – with a large UK membership is helping shape the EU’s plan on beating cancer! The UK may have left the EU, but we are still very much part of Europe :-)

Youth Cancer Europe is based in Cluj Napoca, Romania and was founded by the Little People in 2015 (During Cluj’s European youth capital year).

In the space of 5 years Youth Cancer Europe has become Europe’s largest and most influential youth patient group with thousands of members across the EU and EEA region. Below is a short overview of what happened this week in Brussels.

On World Cancer Day 2020, we were invited to be part of the European Commission’s launch of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, a huge event that took place at the European Parliament’s Hemicycle. Our ambassador and cancer survivor Victor Gîrbu did a stellar job as one of the main speakers at the event, making Youth Cancer Europe a key part of the conversation that is now shaping Europe’s cancer care for the future. Watch again as his powerful and emotional speech receives a standing ovation from the hemicycle, including the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. This is only the beginning… the hard work continues now #EUCancerPlan #WorldCancerDay. Click here for more information.