Roweb – the Romanian software development company – offers support to local and international businesses and communities by developing mobile applications with the help of a dedicated team.

The Mobile project portfolio of the Roweb company has diversified recently because many clients are interested in developing applications that can be easily accessed from their smartphones. This portfolio growth is related to the fact that people spend more time using the mobile phone – a device that simplifies their lives considerably.

Key facts about Roweb Mobile Team:

  • Roweb has software developers specialised in Android, iOS or cross-platform applications.
  • The team includes experienced people, some of them having more than six years since they specialised in the field.
  • Keeping pace with modern technologies and the dynamic context, the Mobile team develops end-to-end applications that help businesses in various industries offer a complete digital solution to their clients.


“We have people in the team with over six years of experience. Developers are dedicated to the client’s project, regardless of its complexity. In addition, they can be involved in the development of projects in all fields. And this can be seen in the company’s portfolio. ” said Malina Mircu – Roweb Mobile Team Manager. 


Some examples of applications developed by Roweb for a variety of industries:

Finances & Banks: In an industry where receipts, bill payments and various transactions and transfers are handled, increased attention must be paid, first of all, to the security part of the application. Thus, Roweb developed a safe and intuitive application for CIM Bank to help the client extend its services to all clients with smartphones.

Tourism: The applications developed by the Mobile team, Tourpaq Destination App and Tourpaq Guest App, are good solutions for both travel agencies and those who choose to travel through these agencies. Mobile applications facilitate the reservation and transport process and offer suggestions regarding travel destinations, simplifying, at the same time, the communication process between the two types of users.

Occupational Medicine: A work protection application such as SeatBelt can offer employees easy access to procedures that help them to behave appropriately at work, be productive and take care not to injure themselves.

Real estate: The demanding and dynamic field of real estate can have an organised workflow with the help of a Mobile application that connects real estate owners with brokers and final buyers. This happens through intelligent applications with a pleasant design and flexible functionalities. A concrete example of such a project is Whise CRM. It can be easily adapted to several markets and industries.

Administration: The communities of a modern city are more easily developed with the help of applications such as SmartSanitation and SmartCity. SmartSanitation is a modular waste management and recycling process solution that encourages citizens to behave responsibly. SmartCity represents a solution that any institution can adopt and facilitates collaboration with citizens, especially regarding the resolution of complaints.

Key aspects of Roweb


  • Roweb is a software development company with experience on the market since 2004 and a team of 130+ software developers.
  • At the moment, Roweb has offices in three cities in Romania but plans to open an office in the UK.
  • The company’s client portfolio consists of 85% of international clients.
  • The main activity of the software company includes the development of applications and web portals, using modern technologies and frameworks, as well as the experience of developers. Among the members of the Roweb team, more than 50% are seniors.