The move strengthens the company’s position in the Bucharest office space market. Commons’ other two locations have quickly become very popular among small and medium-sized companies in Bucharest and currently hosts over 250 members.
Commons’ clients include Flixbus, Glami, VICE, Avison Young, Plannable, Typing DNA, Lummetry and Founders Factory, as well as non-profit organizations such as the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce.
Commons Baneasa caters to the needs of start-ups, established corporations, entrepreneurs and freelancers operating in the north of ​​the capital who are looking for a dynamic working environment with a modern attractive design which is fully adaptable to their changing needs.
“We are enjoying the beautiful growth we have had in Bucharest and we are proud to host some of the most innovative and creative companies and startups in Romania. We are dedicated to continuing to provide a work environment in which companies thrive and we aim to grow the community to over 500 members by the beginning of next year,” said David Canta, co-founder of Commons.
With a surface area of over ​​1,200 square meters, this location can accommodate up to 200 new members, divided into hot-desk, dedicated desks and private offices. The space also boasts an extensive open lounge and kitchen area as well as several phone booths, quiet rooms and fully equipped meeting rooms.
With the launch of Commons Baneasa, the total area of ​​offices operated by Commons in Bucharest will exceed 4,000 sqm.
Like the other spaces managed by the Commons in the capital, the price of an office starts from EUR 190 / person and can reach up to EUR 300 / person.