On the 12th of February, we launched our annual market report, Romania: Market Overview. The 2.0 Factories, probably the most comprehensive research material about the local real estate market.

While the future may hold many uncertainties and our opinions may differ regarding where the next decade will take the real estate markets, one point on which we could all agree is the future of global real estate is changing. Economic, geopolitical, social, demographic, and climate change will have an impact, but new technologies and the human touch of the business will help us manage these and make sense of the new risks.

To those of you who attended the event, thank you very much and we hope you enjoyed some quality time!
For those of you who couldn’t, we’re looking forward to having you next time!

In the meantime, we bring you the full Colliers Research and Forecast Report for 2020 and the Event Presentations, in the hope that you will find this information useful and interesting.