Most customers in the Roweb portfolio choose end-to-end software services developed in the cloud due to their positive impact on their digital transformation process.

A concrete example regarding the advantages of migration and integration in the cloud is the Whise project – a client of Belgian origin from the portfolios, who chose to work with Roweb since 2007. The development of Whise and theMore precisely, it is about advantages such as:

  • Elasticity and scalability: The cloud offers the ability to increase or decrease resources depending on the specific needs of each project. This can help companies save resources and the Roweb team to adapt to the development space, taking into account the particular needs of each company.
  • Efficiency: Roweb experts say that cloud migration & integration can help ‘clients streamline operations related to their projects since cloud integration provides access to various services and resources that can be used to automate tasks and improve productivity.
  • Safety: Cloud integration offers security features that can help customers protect their data and applications. Roweb also emphasizes the importance of the backup it provides to its customers in case of unforeseen situations that may affect or compromise the data.
  • Accessibility: The cloud offers access to resources and applications from anywhere globally. This can help companies expand their operations and reach a wider audience.

A concrete example of cloud migration and integration advantages is the Whise project, a Belgian client from the Roweb portfolio who has chosen to work with Roweb since 2007. 

The development of Whise and the client’s desire to cross the borders of Belgium led to the migration of the real estate application to the cloud in 2021.

In addition, through this change, but also through the new features developed to streamline the activities of real estate agents and agencies, Whise is now preparing to conquer a 10 times more significant market – the real estate industry in France.

Which cloud services does Roweb choose to work with?

The Roweb team claims cloud migration & cloud integration services as part of a complete and secure digital transformation journey. 

Thus they offer end-to-end expertise in various cloud platforms and seamless connectivity and integration across all channels and devices.

And the cloud part offered by Roweb is based on services such as:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services 
  • Google Cloud
  • DigitalOcean
  • Rackspace Cloud

The cloud development process includes a series of stages such as:

  1. Analysis of the solution
  2. Creating cloud settings
  3. App / database development / implementation / optimization
  4. Application/infrastructure migration
  5. Application monitoring
  6. App scalability 


About Roweb:

Roweb is a software services company with solid experience in the development of complex business applications, starting in 2004.

Software development teams can create elaborate, intuitive and scalable business applications or update existing projects to meet new expectations, trends and requirements. 

In the next period, Roweb intends to diversify its technology stack and hire its software developers to offer up-to-date quality services.

For each project there is a dedicated development team, thus guaranteeing that each business application receives the maximum level of attention. Along the more than 19 years of experience, Roweb has formed a team of 130+ developers, most of them with senior experience.

Roweb treats its customers as partners, starting with analyzing their specific needs to identify the optimal technical solutions.