Caregivers from all over the country have sent Autism Voice Association dozens of messages of help. Families troughout Romania are isolated at home with children that have mental disabilities and virtually no means of recuperation as we know it. We have adapted and migrated online creating on 18th of March Autism Voice Line – A free online counseling social service ( ), that is designed to respond via Skype or phone to caregivers that need urgent help in dealing with their children’s problems at home.

Autism Voice Line is the only free existing support system now in Romania for families with children affected by autism.

Anyone in the country that needs pshicological, emotional and proffesional help in dealing with problems at home autism related can call 0756.678.219 or Skype at  and one of 6 internationaly certified ABA specialists from Autism  Voice will offer free counseling.

We are currently offering this service from our NGO resources, but they will soon be gone. We can not sustain the cost of this service alone as we are a social services organization in mental health and our normal activity and fundraising have been closed since 11th of March 2020.

We need your help and support to help thousands of families and children in need now!

If you want to support our cause, please contact:

Nicoleta Orlea

Coordonator Dep. Fundraising

T: 0751 278 391


Autism Voice Association ( is one of the largest and oldest NGO’s in autism treatment in Romania. Founded in 2008, our mission is to recuperate and socially integrate children with autism and proffesionalize Applied Behavior Analists (ABA) workforce in the country. We have two therapy centers in Bucharest and help 400 families and children with autism have a chance in life, and we are the only internationaly certified association in forming ABA therapists at all available levels of practice in the country. 1 in 54 children in Romania sufferes from a form of autism.