The long-term impact of the current pandemic on businesses is a moving target, which spans a lot of uncertainty for the coming months. It is dependent on containment, discipline, medical breakthroughs and to a good extent on chance.

Since March most companies have taken hasty measures to ensure their survival and limit losses, whilst doing their best to protect their workforce from exposure.

In the first weeks, a lot of strain has been put on supply chains, testing their resilience, and in most cases the system itself hasn’t failed. Not counting delays, countless man-hours and overtime spent to deliver produce where it’s needed, there haven’t been noteworthy shortages within the industries that still operated.

Going forward, things are surely going to change to an extent we cannot comprehend or gauge completely; but something is unanimously acknowledged: it’s not going to be the same.

In this respect, EY Consulting will host a webcast on 15th of June (10:00-11:30) which brings together our Supply Chain and Operations Leaders, with businesses from across industries.

We aim to cover current, burning topics around supply chain resilience, future proofing your operations, risks, share what others are doing and answer your questions and concerns.

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