About Sustainability beyond black and white

Date:13/06/2024 6:00 pm
Location:CIZ WINE Bar, Bucharest

Ateliere Fără Frontiere in partnership with the Department for Sustainable Development of Romanian Government, Sustainability Embassy and BRCC invites you on June 13, at 6:00 p.m. to the event About sustainability beyond black and white, a meeting about sustainability applied in the present and future for the business sector in Romania so that the products and services create added economic value and a relevant impact on people and the environment.


The business sector remains an important engine of change in Romania. Now is a critical time for companies to act and contribute to social inclusion and saving natural resources while continuing to grow their businesses. The economic, social and environmental context has led to business initiatives, debates in civil society and public policies such as the EU Directive on corporate sustainability reporting.


Connections, partnerships with all sectors of society are what will accelerate results and contribute to business impact. Collaboration with protected units and social economy organizations in innovative environmental fields can contribute to economic development with environmental and social impact.


The event takes place at CIZ WINE Bar, Str. Radu Ceauș no. 7, June 13, between 18.00-21.00 where we expect you to taste local products made with the best ingredients and with care for people.


On this occasion, remesh launches the new range of sustainable products Blanc. upcycled by human which represents a product with social, environmental and economic impact.


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