On Thursday, November 9, 2023, starting at 15.00, Aura Icodin, Founder & CEO of A_BEST, will hold a webinar, on Zoom, within HR Club, with the topic “Getting Ahead in the Business Environment through Foreign Languages”.

What exactly are we going to debate?

📌 what are the benefits of lifelong learning for personal and professional development

📌 smart-future – how to invest in the smartest way in the future of the company’s human resource

📌 how to best mobilize and capitalize on education resources within the company

📌 how to plan cultural training programs for employees at various stages of career and life

📌 how to help colleagues overcome language barriers, especially in companies with rich international activity and mixed teams.

Details here: https://abest.ro/despre-ascensiunea-in-mediul-de-business-prin-limbile-straine/

For registration: office@abest.ro, 0762 274 914.