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How to act in the new age of building flexible and constantly adaptable processes.

How to be prepared every hour, every day, every week, to innovate and adapt to new strong and unpredictable Force Fields.




John Dennis is a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and Chairman of the International Lean Six Sigma Institute (iLSSi.org) based in Cambridge, UK. His expertise covers Process Improvement, Quality control, Six Sigma, Lean Management and Project Management.

John has worked worldwide with Executives in Capability Transfer via coaching and Capability Building to educate them in the application of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. John’s clients have included DuPont, IBM, GE, Aesica Pharmaceuticals, Stork, PepsiCo etc.


Constantin STAN is the CEO of Enviso (enviso.org) , having over 20 years experience in process improvement within different organizations. He runs lean management, six sigma and business process management projects with impact on both business processes and people skills for continuous improvement development.  He is certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, his expertise covering a wide range of industries and services, ranging from high-speed train (TGV) to banking services, from the pharmaceuticals industry to sale and distribution, from maintenance to healthcare, from automotive to IT&C, having successfully completed projects in France, Norway, UK, România, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Belgium etc.

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