On the 20th  October Steelcase Changemakers and COS embarked on The Design Challenge held at MASIA coworking space for the day, with participants joining  from diverse companies, still having the same interest in sustainability.  

Together in MASIA’s event space, with help from a facilitator we were able to use the “Design Thinking’ approach to get creative. Brainstorming in small groups, the goal was to plan and create a prototype that would showcase a small step into a more sustainable environment. We took into consideration the small, but relevant steps we can make, to take care of our planet and become more environmentally friendly. 

Our teams got creative with their prototypes, and everyone was hands on from planning, to designing, creating, and presenting their final products! One of the teams even created a small truck that’s purpose was to transform old and unwanted clothing into a new pair of shoes.

It was an enjoyable day for all, moving away from desks and really thinking about how we can look after our planet. Laughs and ideas were shared by everyone. 

Visit the COS and MASIA social media pages to find out more about how we are becoming more sustainable in our everyday.