BD HR Summit 2017

BD HR SUMMIT 2017 ,  the most expected HR event of the year, will be held on the 25th of May, at the Royal Palace! Powered by Business Days and the HR Academy, the event will gather together 7 international speakers, 19 top Romanian HRspeakers and over 350 HR experts! If you are interested in:

  • Social Media recruitment;
  • The newest HR innovations and trends;
  • Employers engagement and retention ;
  • Attracting top talents in your company;

We highly recommend you to attend  BD HR SUMMIT 2017,  with a 15% discount using the code BRCC15! Get your ticket now and learn from the international experience of Ann Swain ( featured in Staffing Industry Analysts’ ‘Global Power 50’ list of the most influential women in international staffing), Lucy Adams (former HR Director at BBC, Nigel Guenole (Goldsmith University of London), Jonathan Ferrar (former HR Vicepresident at IBM) and other top HR experts.

Be inspired to make the changes that will guarantee your success in human resources!