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This year, the BRCC Summer Cocktail took place on Tuesday, the 11th of July, at Palatul Noblesse – Lifestyle Palace, a stunning location right in the heart of Bucharest. BRCC Summer Cocktail is one of our most popular events and it marks the end of our activities until September. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy some quality time, networking with our members and guests (CEOs, entrepreneurs and institutional decision makers) and maybe share your summer plans.

Special thanks go to: Our Supporting Partners: MoneyCorp, Gleeds, Toyota

Our Partners: Athenee Palace Hilton, BrosNor, JOOMAY, BORSEC (Romaqua), EventLink360, enRose, HALEWOOD Wines & Spirits, LA STRADA (Macromex), Mon Beauty, URSUS Breweries, FIVE’S Performing Events

Our Media Partner: Leaders Reunited

We would also like to thank all our guests for a wonderful evening! #BRCC #SummerCocktail2017

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PHOTOS IN "Back2Business Joint Event"

Sensational success for Back2Business event

We are pleased that 400 participants enjoyed a brilliant networking evening at the inaugural BACK2BUSINESS joint international trade networking event at the Radisson Hotel on 9 November, hosted by the BRCC.
Enthusiasm for the event was summed up by Rafaele Trebolle, Vice President of the Association of Spanish Companies (ASEMER), in a thank-you letter to the BRCC: “The event was a great opportunity to share ideas, exchange experiences and discuss current issues with new acquaintances. We look forward for future new business opportunities to explore together with the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce.”
A delighted Charlie Crocker, CEO of BRCC, said: “We were originally hoping for about 250 attendees. But we achieved this remarkable turnout by working closely with our fellow Chambers in Bucharest – the American, Belgian, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Israeli and Swiss chambers.
“It was a huge success. So many people told me personally on the night that it was the best ever of its type in Romania. It was a pleasure to see so many smiling faces, with people networking, talking, sharing and doing business. The event also reinforced the BRCC’s aim to increase its activities, and communications’ outreach to boost the export opportunities for the UK in Romania, and for Romania in the UK. And we have recruited some new members.”
BACK 2 BUSINESS is a series of events organized by Farazad Productions Ltd. Farah Farazad, founder of the London-based firm, said: “This was a fantastic event for everybody and we are pleased that we played a part, with everyone enjoying themselves and benefiting from the chance to network.
“These events provide a unique networking platform for business professionals, a global arena for SMEs with opportunities for meaningful dialogue, exploring investment prospects and meeting business partners.”
Another BACK2BUSINESS networking event in Romania will take place next October or November. In 2017. Farazad Productions will hold more events in other countries, including in Dubai and the UK.

BRCC would like to give a special thanks to all our sponsors who supported us in organizing this wonderful Event:
Moore Stephens
Radisson Blu Hotel
Farazad Productions LTD
Blue Film
EventLink 360
CKFoto Romania

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