Due to the accelerated increase in prices, as well as the prospect that general consumption needs cannot be covered, 2022 was probably the most complicated year for the electricity market in Romania.

In the recently published article, the authors – Dragoș Bogdan (Senior Partner) and Mihai Stănescu (Managing Associate) – summarize the legislative changes that entered into force at the end of last year, regarding, mainly, the scheme for capping the price of electricity, changes that strengthen the safety net offered by the Government to household consumers and extend it to non-household consumers as well.

On the other hand, the authors sound an alarm about the fact that the new way of selling electricity on the wholesale market (in particular, on the spot market – PZU), through the centralized purchase mechanism, has revealed the existence of a strong deficit between supply and demand, a fact likely to fuel the fear that the consumption requirement for the year 2023 will not be fully covered.