Bucharest Tribunal ruled in favor of client against Credit Europe Bank, in litigation file amounting to approx. 200.000 Euros. The total sum consists of mortgage credit value plus interest.

The client was represented by R&R Partners law firm, which won in first instance at Bucharest District 5 Local Court and also in the appeal filed by the bank with Bucharest Tribunal. The court’s decision is final and enforceable.

The biggest satisfaction in our work comes when our clients receive the justice they deserve. And in this case, being able to start rebuilding his life and be relieved of an unjust burden caused by the bank means the world to our client. We are very happy to be part and contribute, in our own way, to this successful story.”, says Ruxandra Visoiu, founding lawyer at R&R Partners.

There is still a lot of work to be done in the banking sector. Unfair and unbalanced contractual clauses should be a thing of the past. Financial institutions should strive to protect their clients in a win-win manner, instead of trying to obtain the biggest financial gains on the short term, with disastrous effects on the long term. We really hope those times and mentalities are beyond us. In the meantime, we will continue to do our part and continue to work for our clients, either individuals or companies, offering the best legal advice and assistance they can get.


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