In light of this growing environmental consciousness, Roweb, a leading technology solutions provider, recognizes the essential role of communication and information systems in promoting sustainability. With almost three-quarters of Romanians expressing a need for information on sustainable practices, Roweb aims to bridge the knowledge gap through its innovative digital solutions.

Roweb’s vision centers around the development of two complementary solutions: the SmartCity solution, a versatile set of applications designed for seamless communication among all stakeholders, and the SmartSanitation solution, a dedicated application streamlining waste collection through a Pay-As-You-Throw model.

SmartCity solution: rethinking community communication

Already successfully implemented in Pitesti, SmartCity stands as a testament to Roweb’s commitment to sustainable community development. The mobile app, available on iOS and Android, empowers citizens to access real-time information, report incidents, and engage directly with municipal services. Mayor Cristian Gentea praises the app’s user-friendly interface and its positive impact on communication between citizens and local authorities.

The SmartCity solution integrates three main platforms:

  • Mobile App: Citizens can access information, receive announcements, and report incidents directly from their phones.
  • Backoffice Web: An intuitive system designed for municipality staff to manage complaints and requests efficiently. Automated emails notify relevant departments when a new complaint is filed, ensuring a swift response.
  • Online Portal: An extension of municipal services through a responsive website, facilitating communication, and providing a platform for citizens and municipal employees to add complaints and view them on a map.

The SmartCity solution significantly reduces the consumption of paper and other printing consumables by addressing citizen requests and complaints in the digital realm. It enhances efficiency, with response times to requests improving by more than 50%.

SmartSanitation solution: transforming waste management

Roweb’s SmartSanitation solution tackles waste management challenges head-on. A modular system enriched with features, it includes mobile apps for waste collectors, a cloud-based management web app, and iOS and Android apps for clients. The Pay-As-You-Throw system not only encourages responsible waste disposal but also ensures real-time data synchronization for efficient management.

With an estimated impact of reducing consumable needs by up to 80%, Roweb’s digital solutions align with sustainability goals and contribute to a greener future. As Romania strides towards a more environmentally conscious era, Roweb’s innovative solutions serve as a beacon, illustrating how technology can be harnessed for the greater good of both communities and the planet.