The Romanian software development company, Roweb, has developed a digitalization and delivery solution for restaurants. It has a suggestive name: Horeka by Roweb and is used in over 30 cities in Romania. In the last 12 months, the solution registered 186,000 orders whose value amounts to over 14,000,000 RON.

The best part is that the solution implemented by Roweb offers restaurant owners digitization of the entire process of receiving and processing online and offline orders.

It comes with intelligent functionalities that cover all the processes related to the activity of a restaurant or a catering company: from the digital menu offered to the customer to managing orders and deliveries. Moreover, it allows the establishment of fidelity and loyalty programs.


Horeka by Roweb has been implemented in over 100 locations

In about a year since the solution, Horeka by Roweb was officially launched, the number of locations where it was implemented has grown considerably. 

Thus, it is currently successfully used in over 100 locations in Romania and the diaspora (in 30 cities in Romania and 2 cities in Italy).

Among the benefits offered, the solution addresses the “zero sales commission” policy, supporting small, medium, and large business owners.

“Right from the beginning, we set out to offer more than a simple sales application for restaurants. That is precisely why we are talking about a complete, end-to-end solution, which covers the entire process and is based on a modular construction that allows great flexibility in implementation.

We have, for example, the Delivery Module that helps restaurant owners have their own customer acquisition channel through an e-commerce website optimized for the HoReCa industry and their mobile ordering application. Or, the CRM and Marketing Module that helps to build customer loyalty.” claimed Mirel Ionescu – Founder of Horeka by Roweb.

The idea of ​​developing such a solution was born in 2020, along with the increased demand in the digitalization area, mostly caused by the pandemic.

The project has continuous development. So far, around 200,000 Euros have been invested in developing the solution, and in 2023 it will receive a new functionality: a virtual assistant that will streamline the process of taking orders.

Moreover, next year, the Horeka team aims to implement the solution in over 250 restaurants, transform it into a complete SaaS-type system, and expand its adoption to international markets (Italy, Spain, and the UK are just a few examples).


About Roweb

  • Roweb is a company that develops end-to-end solutions (from consulting to architecture, development, implementation, design, QA, etc.), through dedicated teams (staff augmentation and project-based teams) to businesses of all sizes.
  • The company was launched under the current brand in 2004, focusing on the international market and registering an organic growth process of approximately 20% per year.
  • Currently, the company has over 130 employees, of which over 80% are software engineers, with a high level of experience in developing solutions for industries such as recruitment & HR, finance & insurance, real estate, tourism & hospitality, retail/e-commerce.