OIL & GAS SECURITY ISSUES IN THE BLACK SEA REGION – What’s in store for the future?

Date:21/04/2022 12:00 am
Location: Online

While the appalling war in Ukraine has destabilised the situation, the Black Sea Region had its challenges well in advance – gas prices instability, regulatory changes, energy transition speed, etc.

Under geopolitical challenges and pressure, it is even more critical to address the emerging issues of energy security today and satisfy an urgent need for energy transition where the Black Sea region can play an important role.

Topics we will touch upon:

  • The future of the Black Sea Oil & Gas region in the times of emerging issues.
  • Geopolitical situation challenges and Energy security crisis – how the Black Sea Oil & Gas region’s future will be shaped?
  • Gas prices, onshore/offshore projects’ future, and the current geopolitical situation challenges – how will Black Sea Oil & Gas region answer?


  • Alexandra Damascan-Armegioiu –  President at Serinus Energy Romania
  • Mark Beacom – CEO at Black Sea Oil & Gas
  • Johann Raunig – Partner at McKinsey & Company

This webinar in the format of a discussion will not give exact know-how answers to the acute questions we hear so often nowadays but will shed light on this broad array of challenges and get closer to what scenarios we can expect.

We will also listen to how companies like Serinus Energy, Black Sea Oil and Gas, and McKinsey & Company address them.

More details and registration can be found here.