The House PR Agency is a Romanian communication agency that stands out from the usual patterns through the use of an eclectic mix among local and British business practices. The company activates under the aegis of an efficient communication, combined with creativity. The current portfolio encompasses clients from the financial area, from automotive or from sports retail. More than 50% of the clients are from agribusiness, the agency being involved in a series of integrated communication campaigns with the objective of promoting certain products to niche publics and to ensure an effective communication.

In the first semester of 2018, The House PR Agency has been involved in multiple exciting projects that helped the company grow and develop. One of the highlight moments for the agency this year was the launch of Petras Bio products – manufactured in the city of Deva and designed for people who want to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The products were launched in a dedicated event that took place at Commons in Bucharest, and which was tailored to follow the brand principles. The event was very appreciated by the guests – journalists, sports and health enthusiasts or influencers were excited to test the products.

During these last six months, the agency was also involved in plenty of PR, digital and media activities, meant to raise awareness and complete the objectives of their clients on the market. Among others, the agency developed a video storytelling project with one of the agribusiness clients, implemented media campaigns in stores, focused on delivering the best expertise and implemented dedicated activations on social media channels for the digital clients.