World Marketing Partners helps small to midsize international food and beverage brands market and sell throughout the global marketplace. Strategic and uniquely personalized, our approach fits the needs of companies who are poised to launch products into the U.S. and international markets, as well as those creating and developing new brands.

World Marketing Partners believes in authentic, candid relationships – working only with partners we know we can support. Never spreading ourselves too thin, we dedicate the necessary time and energy to build brands and help our clients achieve critical milestones towards success.

World Marketing Partners knows through our combined years of experience in marketing, sales, finance, and customs law, that making the right decisions out of the gate are critical to success. And even then, it can be a challenge.

To guide you through the myriad steps involved in launching food and beverage brands into new marketplaces, World Marketing Partners:

  • Determines the right channel of trade targeting specific retailers, collaborating with specialty distributors, and identifying global and U.S. eCommerce opportunities
  • Develops strategic, high-level marketing plans to increase awareness of your products in view of market differences
  • Drives sales by making your brand relevant to the target
  • Assesses and secures joint ventures, partnerships, and funding investments
  • Evaluates the health of your business and recommends solutions
  • Develops private-label strategies for your brand


Contact Information:

Michelle A. Imbro, Founder & CEO


+44 7444 918813

World Marketing Partners, LLC                                                                        michelle@worldmarketingpartners.com