The Food Development Company Ltd is registered in the UK to promote sustainable micro enterprise development worldwide. The aims and objectives include:

To create viable micro enterprises by applying commercial market based strategies to achieve social, ethical and environmental objectives. These social enterprises will provide local communities with access to inputs, value added processing and a route to national, regional and international markets.
To create demand for local products by linking landscape, culture and biodiversity conservation to generate income for local communities within the framework of local and regional development plans.
To bring private sector values to community development and through profit sharing and equity participation build long term capacity.
To promote truly bottom up development that is commercially and financially sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly.

The first operational subsidiary in the portfolio is the Transylvania Food Company Srl which was established in February 2010 and has a registered office in Brasov and two places of work in Saschiz. A range of artisan food products are marketed under the brand PIVNITA BUNICII