The Little People Association is a Romanian registered charity that works across the country in 5 childhood oncology centers. Every day Little People personnel provide vital support services to 80% of all children being treated for cancer in Romania. The organization provides its services in Iasi, Timisoara, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca. Daily activities have been developed specifically for hospitalized children. Exercises that would conquer children’s fear, improve self-esteem, establish familiarity with medical procedures and surroundings, opportunities for play, learning, self-expression, peer interaction and family involvement helps children comply to treatment and increases their survival chances. Little People programs have won the endorsement of Romaniaʼs leading pediatric oncologists and are presented on national and international scientific conferences as a leading example of providing patient care. The Little Peopleʼs directors, campaign managers, fundraisers and other key personnel are all volunteers. Little People only fund the salaries of specialists who work directly with the children and who train community volunteers to work alongside them on ward.

“The Little People Association is a leader in the fight against cancer in Romania through its efforts to empower teenage cancer survivor’s caught between the worlds of pediatric and adult cancer. The Associations YOU CAN TOO! Campaign has been instrumental in taking action to improve the survival rates of this demographic. The Lance Armstrong Foundation applauds these acts of hope, courage and perseverance.”