TGS Romania was created in 2019, with offices in Bucharest. We focus our expertise on Medium to Large Firms in Romania.
TGS Romania gives personal attention to each client. Taking your unique needs, situation and goals into account is our prime concern.

We are part of TGS, a dynamic global business network of independent firms providing accounting, audit, tax, business advisory and commercial legal services.

We support client development with an entrepreneurial spirit. We dare to be different to satisfy the best interests of clients, employees and stakeholders.

We support clients by designing global, sustainable, one-stop-shop solutions for business projects. Our clients take advantage of our expertise to fuel their local and international growth. We safeguard businesses against financial and organizational risks.

Our pragmatic vision of business, our experience in the field and feedback from our TGS network members enables us to continuously improve our methods and solutions to suit unique client environments.

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