Telemedicine has arrived in Romania!  Telios is now one year old and constantly growing plus improving.  Access to licensed professional medical providers has never been easier or more convenient. You now can travel anywhere, be anywhere at any time and have a ‘Doctor in your Pocket’.  Through Telios, people can take greater control of their healthcare.  No more taking time off from work to wait in a Doctor’s office filled with sick people only to find out you really didn’t need to be there in the first place.

Employers, employees, families, providers and all people can save time and money by having 24/7 access to a doctor by phone or video, anytime and anywhere. Our highly qualified physician team and health professional team can provide a diagnosis as well as suggest treatment options.  Alongside these live interactions, secure email messaging to our entire medical team is available through our secure online portal.  Have a quick question? – just send it to the medical team through our portal and always get a personal, confidential, and professional response within 24 hours.

With Telios, there is no need to search the internet for medical answers.  We bring the professionals right to your finger tips.  Through your computer, tablet, or phone you can easily access the Telios team.  Telios is your first step to health.

  • On-demand healthcare at the convenience of the patient.
  • Treatment suggestions for your personal medical issues. (ex: colds, flu, poison ivy, respiratory infections, bronchitis, pink eye, sinus problems, allergies, urinary tract infections, etc)
  • Less than 30 minute average response time to get connected via phone to a physician.
  • 2 hour average response time to secure messaging questions.
  • Avoid unnecessary doctor visits, get a second opinion or answer a lifestyle question.
  • Catch problems earlier by getting the right recommendations at the right time.
  • Ask questions for people of all ages —from children to seniors.
  • No fees, unlimited, and totally confidential.