Teaha Management Consulting is the largest financial and accounting company with 100% Romanian capital. The company has been set up in 1997 by Corneliu-Teofil Teaha and prides itself today with an impressing market share, if we take into account that a vast majority of the market in this field is held by the four largest international consulting companies (“the big four”). Since 1997, the company has undergone a remarkable development and reached a group turnover of over 2.5M euro.

Today, the company carries out its business through a network of associated companies from the most important business centers in Romania – Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov, Timisoara and abroad – Chisinau (Republic of Moldavian) and Ruse (Bulgaria). Our company is represented by over 100 employed or collaborating professionals, of which many speak German. Their experience and excellent knowledge of the Romanian market is also an essential factor for our company’s success, together with our well-priced first-class services in the field of consulting and accounting, which we tailor to our clients’ needs.

Our services are targeted and supplied to very variable business fields, which range from wholesale to building industry, software development and textile industry and further to real estate and other branches of trade and industry. Summing up, our client’s investments exceed 350M euros in Romania.