Slidebid is a global agency designed to direct and support high stake, tailored presentations, including corporate bids & offerings, investor pitches, c-level reports, product showcases and keynotes.

We address companies, institutions and individual professionals looking to win business and convert attention into action.

To date Slidebid has supported bidding on over 30 million US dollars of portfolio value and worked with both local and global companies including S&P 500.

The services Slidebid offers span from end-to-end pursuit management to designing template systems for internal operations, training and facilitation.

We are a multidisciplinary team with a holistic and methodical approach to crafting persuasive narratives and visual stories with impact. We continuously iterate on our service model, using methodologies such as lean and design thinking and emerging capabilities such as generative design.

Slidebid can operate both as a managed service or project based model and our pricing model is predictable and customizable. Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs.

Design presentations that matter at www.slidebid.com/contact/