We assess the leadership skills of both people and teams, through the use of simulations, psychometric tests and case studies. We are able to run anything from complete assessment centres for groups of potential leaders through to two hour development sessions using a psychometric questionnaire and feedback.


Assessments can be used for identifying which people in your organisation will be the most successful leaders. They can also be used to evaluate existing leaders from junior supervisor through to board director, to understand both their leadership capability and potential as well as identify a development plan for improvement. Each participant receives their own personalised report which includes their leadership strengths, development areas, leadership potential, experience, leadership style as well as development suggestions.


Reports can also be produced for groups, which identify the strengths and development areas for the team as a whole, helping to support the organisation’s talent management strategy. More detail on our services can be found at www.sinclairstevenson.co.uk .


If you wish to discuss any of our services, please call Sinclair Stevenson on 0721 996909 or via his e-mail, which is sinclair@sinclairstevenson.co.uk. We are established in Bucharest and can undertake a Zoom call or visit your premises at any time for a discussion.