Regina Maria Foundation is the only non-profit organisation which offers free integrated healthcare services to people with no medical insurance or income and also, to people with very low income, in Bucharest, through our two Social Free Clinics.

Baba Novac Policlinic was opened in June 2011. This first Clinic, means free access to multi-specialty healthcare services for over 1900 people. The beneficiaries are people with no income and no medical insurance. We also offer non-medical services for those pacients: shower facility, clothing and toys (donations), food – bread from a local baker (donation), referral to other facilities and state institutions for work, shelter, food and other social services.

The second Social Clinic, in the Center of Bucharest, Sala Palatului Policlinic, was opened in May 2015 and offered in one year over 4.000 medical services for people with very small income.  But the Clinique is open as well for patients above average income, which are invited to benefit by our services, helping in this way one up to three social patients.

Also, the Foundation supports Educational projects with over 150 children.

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  1. Headquarter:

Str Garlei 88, sect 1

Tel: 031 4381809

  1. Baba Novac Social Policlinic:

Strada Dristorului nr. 81-88 Sector 3, Bucuresti
Tel: +40 213 223 020

  1. Policlinica Sociala Sala Palatului

Strada Ion Campineanu nr. 23, Sector 1, București
Tel: +40 372 126 405

  1. Centrul Educational Baneasa:

Str Dobrogeanu Gherea 123