Provident Financial Romania is part of the British group International Personal Finance (IPF), one of the most important European home credit suppliers. The Group has 2.6 million clients in 9 European countries, as well as in Mexico and Australia. IPF is one of the largest British employers from Central and South-east Europe and one of the most powerful international companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The company specializes in small sum, short-term unsecured loans with transparent costs with customers being able to choose how to receive and make the repayments: either through bank transfer or in the comfort of their homes through the optional home service offered by our network of self-employed agents. By providing credit in a responsible, well-managed way, we aim to make life easier for a wide range of customers, including those who might otherwise be excluded from credit products. We lend responsibly by understanding customers’ circumstances and offering appropriate products in a flexible and affordable way.

From 2006 onwards, Provident has invested almost 300 million euros in Romania and has contributed to the state budget with taxes worth more than 80 million euros. Since 2016, the company has become the biggest British employer in Romania, with approximately 3.000 employees and is one of the biggest employers in the Romanian economy.

Provident develops and supports various social responsibility projects  – financial education programmes, development of young talents, support for disadvantaged groups – in which, until this moment, it has invested close to 1 million euros.



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