Omifa’s story began in 2002, with different proposals regarding fitting-out – mostly finishes and touch ups, but also different other complementary works for interiors. Today, the range of services that we provide is practically limitless when it comes to interior design solutions and innovations.

Our team consists of 32 specialists from different fields, and up to 70 collaborators, depending on the complexity of the project. For us, people are the main resource in obtaining quality and efficiency for each project.

Whether we are talking about design, architectural planning, project management for civil construction projects, design and finishing works as a “turnkey project”, supply and assembly of office furniture and partition walls, industrial and civil construction works, relocation services, expert technical consulting for construction (machinery and ventilation), our aim is to deliver high quality, personalized services and seek for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.

  • 2 offices in the biggest cities of Romania – Bucharest & Cluj Napoca
  • national & international projects
  • 92 projects per year
  • 43.274 square meters per year