MultiversX group (formerly known as Elrond) is, at origin, a Romanian blockchain technology company born in 2018, in Sibiu. During the last 5 years, MultiversX has improved its technology daily, has built a tapestry of Web3 products, has acquired new companies or lines of business from the regulated area (e.g., Twispay brand which is an e-money licensed company in Romania or Utrust which is a crypto licensed business in Portugal), and has executed various strategic partnerships for extending its products offer (e.g., in the metaverse space).

The blockchain technology built by MultiversX is a category defining public blockchain, the main features of which are high scalability, performance efficiency, robust security, decentralisation, carbon negative footprint, and cross-chain interoperability.

MultiversX has several products, some open source, some B2B, some B2C, aiming to make Blockchain, Crypto and Web3 space easily and universally accessible to simple users. To take one example, xPortal is a beautiful and intuitive super app that can be seen as a gateway towards the virtual world, a tool for the management of the digital assets (NFTs, crypto), an instrument for chatting and connecting in the virtual world, and a very secure way of accessing your digital wallet or a MultiversX crypto card (as it also has 2 factor authentication features).

MultiversX also offers services/products that are at the intersection between Web3 and the regulated/traditional lines of business like the xMoney product which aims to create a bridge between classical finance and the crypto area by enabling users to pay with crypto and enabling merchants to accept crypto. Other products or lines of business include: (a) xLaunchpad, an “incubator type of product” providing support and assistance (technical, marketing etc) for the high profile projects in the blockchain area that are building on top of MutiversX blockchain;  (b) xFabric, a simple no code web interface enabling access to all MultiversX functionality and applications for any creator, business and brand, (c) xWorlds, probably the most dynamic line of business as it relates to a virtual world that is constantly being built and enhanced with features inspired from the real world and meant to offer users an incomparable experience of this type; (d) xSpotlight which could be briefly described as an NFTs marketplace but which in reality is offering an amazing content from across the MultiversX space, created by people all over the world pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology; (e) xExchange, a decentralised exchange.

MultiversX group has currently approximately 150 employees and presence via subsidiaries in Romania, Malta, Portugal and Lichtenstein.