ELFWISE is an entrepreneurial company, established in Cluj-Napoca, which offers the highest quality services in the field of financial management. The importance of successfully managing a business’s resources, as well as clarity in making management decisions when they depend on financial results, is for ELFWISE a key point for existing in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Believing that success is the consequence of financial management carried out in a professional, quality way and with a very high accuracy of data, ELFWISE focuses its attention on the essence of efficient management of business resources and making financial decisions in a clear and informed way . The company’s slogan, “Your finance guide”, illustrates the commitment to be the trusted guide for clients in managing financial decisions. In the short term, the company’s mission is to bring clarity to business figures and guide entrepreneurs towards strategic financial decisions that ensure profitability and success. And in the long term, ELFWISE’s vision is to inspire entrepreneurs to implement a financial management system that ensures a sustainable and prosperous future. The values that characterize the entire activity of ELFWISE are integrity – which they choose to put at the base of all professional and personal relationships, discipline – which they always have in mind when making decisions that impact business and, last but not least, development – the engine that contributes to the long-term success of both ELFWISE and their business partners.


Some of the benefits that will lead you to financial prosperity in collaboration with ELFWISE:

  • The outsourced CFO, who will deal precisely with the financial architecture of the business

  • Clarity on the financial statements of the business

  • Consulting in the efficient management of the company’s budget

  • Confidence in the adoption of decisions regarding the financial strategy

  • Full financial control over the business


Whatever challenges your business faces from a financial point of view, ELFWISE will guide you in making the best decisions!




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