• LEXAROX ACCOUNTS is an Accountancy brand associated with Financial and Legal services dedicated to self-employed as well as small and medium-sized companies in the UK.
  • We invest in our customer care significantly, therefore we offer personalised consultancy and professional services narrowed down to each client’s business needs. Our services include full accounting solutions, as well as possibility of outsourcing part of our clients accounting process, such as payroll or bookkeeping. Having an extensive expertise in UK’s tax law, our team will be able to advice you on how to grow your business profits, while saving tax considerably. Moreover, LEXAROX ACCOUNTS’s other branches includes PAYROLL umbrella services as well as LEGAL services done in-house or via our extended partnership-network of lawyers in the UK, USA and Romania.
  • LEXAROX ACCOUNTS was established in London, in October 2013 by Andreea Deac (CEO). Our vision was from the beginning to help Europeans and other foreigners new in the UK, to understand better their responsibilities and benefits implied in a commercial activity in the United Kingdom as well as living in and complying with the country’s laws and regulations. Since then, we have managed to assist thousands of people achieving their business goals and succeed in reaching their dreams. Our business model is based on transparency, professional communication, and friendship in the relationship with our clients, creating long-standing friendships based on trust.
  • Our future goal is to grow LEXAROX into a well-known international brand that will inspire trust and professionalism, by expanding our client portfolio and services to other parts of the world that would have an interest in doing business within the UK’s territory as well as franchisee options. We are always open for business and new partnership opportunities.
  • For more information about our services feel free to visit our website or give us a call on:


+44 (0)20 8533 1358. Info@lexaroxaccounts.co.uk  www.lexaroxaccounts.co.uk