It is my pleasure to introduce you to King’s Oak British International School. Here, we care that children are engaged and active in learning. Walking through the school you will hear joyful voices and the hum of purposeful work. Children are smiling, and begin each day with a sense of excitement about what awaits them. King’s Oak provides the opportunities we know that children should have. But most importantly, we provide the experiences we know our children must have to be the best learners, engaged community members and independent, aspirational, creative thinkers. We follow the British National Curriculum throughout the school and personalise it to meet the needs of the individual.

Our school is dedicated to helping each child develop the skills needed to contribute in our rapidly changing world. We know this begins with a solid foundation in traditional skills with emphasis on the development of a child’s critical eye and inquisitive thinking. As teachers, we embrace the challenge of helping our students navigate their own course in learning.

In a fast changing world, it is easy for children to grow up too quickly, we value childhood as the most important stage in one’s life, a time where social development through friendship and play is as important as academic development within the classroom. We passionately believe that a school education is about opening doors to young minds and, whilst maintaining high academic standards, we strive to ensure that each pupil has as many doors from which to choose as possible.

Greenlake Residences, 72 Petre Aurelian, Bucharest, Sector 1, Romania

Tel: 0040213803535    Fax: 0040213803838